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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A few pics

I totally intend on taking tons of pictures when we go somewhere or have a big event and I forget. I think I get so wrapped up in it that I don't even think about takings pics. Anyway, here are a few from our trip to San Antonio this past weekend. We stayed at the Omni on the Riverwalk and it was amazing.

This was the view from our balcony. It was so nice!! I didn't have one complaint about the hotel. The staff was super nice and the food was excellent.

This is the first evening we were there. We were having dinner on the patio at Saltgrass. Yes, of all places we went to Saltgrass. We knew we would be eating Mi Tierra the next day so we wanted something different and it sounded good to us.

The view at night. We really had a prime location on the riverwalk and we saw a million of the tour boats go by. I think I learned a ton about SA from listening to the tour guides all weekend :)

Mi Tierra!!!! I just love the little guys that walk around and play the guitar. So fun!!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

San Antonio bound

I am so very excited about this weekend. My wonderful husband came home a couple of weeks ago and told me we were headed to San Antonio in a couple of weeks to go to a concert to see my fave Randy Rogers band :0) It will also be a nice get a way weekend for us. We haven't been anywhere kidless since our honeymoon almost 5 years ago. I know it's just SA but it will still be nice. He made reservations at the Omni hotel on the riverwalk. I am super excited. We are going to chill out, eat lots of good Mexican food, have some cocktails and adult time. I'll post pics later, I'm sure I'll take a ton. So blessed to be able to have this time with my hubby, can't wait for it.


Last Friday after my mom, Nana, got off work we headed down to my grandparents ranch for the night. I was supposed to work Sunday so we planned to come home Saturday. We went to see my 96 year old great grandmother while we were there too. She just recently moved down there and went to a nursing home so she could be closer to my Mimi and Grandaddy. So blessed to have this lady in our lives. Hayden loved riding the big tractor with Grandaddy.

They were having a St Patty's day festival in town so we took the kids to ride the ponies.

Hayden liked it but as you can tell Jack is a little serious about it. I don't know if he was so sure of what he was riding.

Don't let go Mom!!

This is my sweet great grandmother Momar. She loves my kids so much and they love her too.

Oh, the Bubs being silly at Nana's. He tried on Mimi's hat and thought he was just too cute. He will hate me when he gets older and I show him these pics.