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Scott, Mindy, Hayden and Jack want to welcome you to our family blog.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2 month check up!

Well, last Thursday I took Jack for his 2 month check up and he did great. He weighs 9 lbs 13 oz and is 22 inches long. Starting from 5 lbs 11 oz and 18 inches long, I think this is pretty good. He gained a little over 4 lbs in 2 months :0) That is strictly nursing too which makes me so happy. I looked back at Hayden's baby book and at her 2 month she only weighed 8 lbs 5.5 oz. He is a pound and a half bigger than she was. Crazy to think that! Anyway, everything was great. He had to get 3 shots and his rotovirus but he did well. It is a lot easier with a newborn than a toddler to give vaccines. We don't go back until he's 4 months and then we will talk about solids. That is crazy to me to even be thinking about that since it just seems like I was pregnant let alone having him here. He is 10 weeks now and so much fun. He smiles at us and holds his head and torso really well. Next things to start getting out are the bumbo seat and exersaucer. Right now Jack loves to eat, eat, eat, he still gets up 2 times in the night to nurse. He also loves his swing, loves for his big sister to talk to him and love on him. He loves his daddy and he loooves his mommy. He is already a mama's baby. I love it and think it is so sweet. He is very cuddly and I am enjoying it because Hayden was not so much. My little angel girl lost my card to my camera so I have not been able to take many pics lately. I will have to get some from my mom and post those. Anyway, I have been back to work a few weeks but have only worked twice. It is going good and I really do enjoy the break. The holidays are upon us and it is going to be so much fun with Hayden this year. More to post on all the festivities later. Life is really great right now!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2 month picture

Little cross eyed in this one!

Here is Jack's 2 month chair picture. We go to the doctor Thursday so I will have his stats to post. He is such a sweet boy!