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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The bows!!!

This is a really bad picture because she refused to look at me. I just wanted you all the see the precious bow she wore to the Christmas party. My friend is making them and Hayden has custom made special ones to go with all her holiday clothes. This one has Rudolph and lights on it to match her shirt. My friends website is and she has a page on too. Check her out!

MDO Holiday party

Not sure what this face is all about but here she is...this was the morning of her Christmas party for MDO. I didn't even take my camera in for the party. They called it Happy Birthday Jesus party, so precious. We had pizza and fruit and lots of fun crafts and treats. She's on her Christmas break from dance and school until January.

More dance recital pics

This is Hayden and her buddy Adalie. They are so cute and would watch each other and not even the teacher for the dance moves. So funny!

The group :)

My little dancer

Christmas festivities

Hayden had her Christmas recital for dance on the 16th. It was so cute!!! They danced to "I want a hippopatamus for Christmas". They all did really well.

My friend made the tutus, shirts and bows for all the girls. One of the mom's put their names on the front. They turned out so cute!

The Grier side Christmas party was the 18th and as usual we had a great time. Their are so many kids on that side of the family and we have 3 more on the way. We have it at my parents house every year but we are going to have to move it next year to a bigger location.

Hayden and Jack both loved their gifts from their cousins.

I am such a bad blogger lately and I don't think I am even going to attempt to catch up. I'm just going to go from now and hope that I can keep up this time. We have just been super busy the last month or so. We have had some medical issues with my dad as well. He is doing better now so thank God we are through with that crisis for the moment. We have had lots going on and I have a few pics to show. Hope everyone is having as much fun this holiday season as we are. It is so much fun with Hayden this year, she is so into the Santa thing and Rudolph coming on Christmas Eve. Bubba is still too young and not really understanding much but he's fun to tote along and show off his cute Xmas shirts and cute self. :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Trip to see Santa

Our first trip to see Santa with both babies. I didn't end up taking them last year because I felt Jack was too little and germs, germs. I guess I didn't take Hay because I felt guilty not taking him and I'm almost positive she would not have done well. Anyway, we went to see Santa yesterday and they both did pretty well. This was the best we could do with both looking at the camera. Jack right before and after this moment just stared up at Santa like he was going to grab the beard at any moment. Hayden talked a big talk about sitting in his lap and telling him all she wanted. She froze up a bit when we got up there. Anyway, all was well and turned out decent. The glasses by the way are a whole other post for later.

Happy Holidays to all!!!!
Love the Tennison's