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Scott, Mindy, Hayden and Jack want to welcome you to our family blog.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh gosh...

Well we have had a pretty interesting week and it's only Tuesday. I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon and I am dilated to a 2 and 50% effaced and he is very low. He put me on the monitor and the baby looked good and not too much going on there. Well, when I got home at about 5 last night, I started bleeding and cramping pretty good and fairly regular. I called my doctor and he said to go up to labor and delivery and get checked out. Nothing had changed with my cervix and I wasn't having very strong contractions though regular. They watched me for a while and sent us home... bummer. Today not too much has been going on. I am still having a bit of cramping on and off but not too much else going on. So we are just waiting. I go back to the doctor on Friday so we will see. Keep everyone posted!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Waiting around...

Well, I went to the doc Friday afternoon and I am dilated 1 1/2 cm and 20% effaced and he could feel his head so he is really low. Dr. Dotson thinks it will be sometime this next week if not before. I am only 35 weeks so I would like him to go to the end of the week but I know babies have a mind of their own. Hayden came at 36 weeks so I at least want him to be that far along. I go back on Monday so we will know more then. In the meantime I feel like a ticking time clock. He put me on "bedrest" sort of, he doesn't think I need to be on my feet for that long or he would definitely come on out. Hayden came in about 2 hours from my first contraction so I want to be ready and prepared this time. More updates after my appointment tomorrow.

Friday, September 18, 2009

2 year check up

The little princess this morning before we left for the doctor

Hayden had her 2 year check up this morning. She did pretty good, except for the shots. She had to have 3 shots and she screamed and held her breath until her lips turned blue. It was so sad :( I picked her up when they finished and she just kept saying "all done, all done" It was so pitiful. Her weight is 22.8 lbs (5th percentile) her length is 33 (25th percentile) and her head is in the 70th percentile but I can't remember what the measurement was. She is still a tiny peanut but at least we are on the chart this time. At her 18 month visit she was not even on the chart so yay! She has a small murmer which kind of freaks me out but the nurse practitioner said it was nothing to worry about that we would just watch it. My poor baby was so upset after her shots so we came home and had a sucker and watched her favorite show. She gets to go see her Nana and Papa in a little bit so that will make her happy too. Mommy has her appt this afternoon too so we will see how the blood pressure is and make sure all is well with Jack. He will probably be here in 3 weeks or less. OH MY GOSH! Tomorrow is another one of my showers so I am super excited. More updates later. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Birthday Party!

Opening her gifts!
Hayden and Maryn eating at the cute little bistro table from Bubbles and Pa.
She blew out her candles all by herself. We had a Minnie Mouse theme (of course) it's her favorite right now.

Saturday we had Hayden's 2nd birthday party. It was very low key and just family. We had Nana and Papa, Uncle Casey and Aunt Liz, Uncle Matty and Lindsey, Mimi and Gaga, Bubbles and Pa, Aunt Amy and Uncle Jason, and Maryn and Carter. It was so nice and everyone was so sweet to come. It was raining terribly so just like her party last year no one got to swim. We were supposed to BBQ and swim but the smoker would not stay lit and obviously we aren't going to swim in the downpour. Oh well, we had fun anyway. We ended up getting food from Spring Creek and everyone brought something. It really helped me out since I was not feeling well and had the whole blood pressure issue going on. She got lots of fun toys and cute clothes. She is one lucky girl to have so many people that love her. I've said it several times but I can't believe she is already two years old and going to be the big sister in just a few short weeks. We just love our little angel.


OK, we had a bit of drama and worry over the weekend. Friday I had my Dr. appt and when they checked my blood pressure it was high... great! My urine also had some protein in it and just the day before I was complaining of blurry vision and my hands have been so swollen. All these are textbook signs of preeclampsia. My doctor did some labwork and said he wanted to start monitoring me twice a week and to come back on Monday. He said if my labs were abnormal that we may have to induce. I was freaking out because as a NICU nurse I know that a 34 weeker does ok but would have to probably stay in the hospital for a bit. Well over the weekend we had Hayden's birthday party, lots of family in so I didn't rest much. I took my blood pressure several times and it was ok but I felt like a ticking time bomb and my sweet husband kept telling me to sit down and rest, yeah right with a two year old. Anyway, I went in yesterday and my blood pressure was better and my labs were all normal. He hooked my up to the fetal monitor and we watched for a half hour or so and everything looked good. Jack was moving just a much as ever and his heart rate was good too. I did have some contractions but nothing to put me into labor over. He is going to see my twice a week and monitor the baby closely and my blood pressure and urine. I do not want another premie. Even though Hayden only had to stay two extra nights after I was discharged it was still the worst ever. I want to bring my baby home when I leave this time. I just have to take it easy and I am watching my diet as much as I can and trying to stay stress free, yeah right! I am only gonna work a few more days I think and then hopefully have him around 37-38 weeks. We will see though, it's an appt to appt thing. Anyway, just had to share our latest baby drama. Hope everyone has a good week and will update as needed.

Friday, September 11, 2009

34 weeks!

34 weeks today! Getting anxious! I have a doctors appt this afternoon so that's always exciting to see where we are and how everything is going. I have had lots of pressure and pain the last few days and I know it is just because I have been on my feet alot and I am getting much bigger. Jack is still moving and as active as ever. He moves nonstop so I hope that is not an indication of his personality and that I am going to have another busy one. Oh well, it's so much fun that way. I haven't posted any preggo pics so here is one at 33 weeks and 4 days. Hopefully, he will come around 38 weeks so that is not too much longer. Can't wait to meet our new man.

Hayden's Birthday!

Hayden and I going out for her birthday dinner.
On the train ride at the zoo. She loved it!
Mommy and Hayden at the elephants
Daddy and Hay at the monkeys

Hayden Kate Tennison turned 2 years old on Wednesday September 9. I am sad but it is so much fun having a 2 year old. She is lots of work but lots of fun too. Her little personality is so cute and she says the funniest things. We started out the day by going to get doughnuts from her favorite doughnut shop and then we headed to the zoo. I was a little worried how she would do but she was such a good girl and enjoyed it so much. It was not crowded at all and she was able to walk on her own quite a bit without tons of people around for her to get lost in. She rode in her stroller alot and of course wanted Daddy to hold her too. She saw all her favorite animals that she had been talking about before we went and talked non stop about them. Scott and I had not been in years so we had a good time too. We came home and got Hayden down for a nap and mommy and daddy enjoyed the rest too. Bubbles and Pa came in that night and we went to dinner at Saltgrass. Again, Hayden was such a good girl. Going out to eat has not been so much fun lately with a toddler but she was an angel and ate good and behaved well. She spent the night with Nana and Papa and they had a little cake for her. It was so cute and she blew out both candles all by herself. It was a great day and I hope my little angel enjoyed it too. I can't believe 2 years have gone by since I had her, it feels just like yesterday but then at the same time we don't know what we ever did before her. Ready for the next round of baby. Not long and Hayden will be a big sister. Love to everybody!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Over it!

OK, so I am pretty much over this pregnancy. I have not felt as well this time and it has just been harder. I know it's because I have a 2 year old and I can't just lay around all day if I want. I am almost 34 weeks and feel every second of it. I am so blessed to have 2 healthy pregnancies but I am over this one. I just can't wait to meet Jack and get back to some what normal. Scott and I were talking about that last night and he said " I don't think we will ever be normal again", in a good way though. For those that don't know there were like 16 of us at work that were all preggo at the same time and due all pretty close to each other... well girls are starting to have their babies and I am ready for my turn. I know I don't want him to come before 37 weeks because I don't want a wimpy white boy but I am just anxious and impatient. I know he will come when he is ready and I should enjoy these last few weeks with 1 child and soak up every ounce of Hayden while I can. I just needed to rant about that.

On a much more fun note, our little princess will be 2 tomorrow. Daddy is taking off the day and we are going to the zoo. It will be Hayden's first time to go to the zoo and I know she will love it. Scott and I haven't been in years so I am excited too. We are going to start the day off with her favorite doughnuts at the local shop and then head to the zoo. Scott's parents are coming in and we are going to dinner and then Saturday we are having family over for a small birthday party. Can't wait and it should be a blast. Tonight, I get a mommy's night out. Me and some girls from work are going out to eat at my fav Abuelos just for a "Jack" celebration. I told them since they gave me such a beautiful shower when I was pregnant with Hayden that we would just make this low key and hang out. I am really excited to just sit back, enjoy my dinner and catch up on much needed girl time. Daddy is keeping Hayden so it will be really nice. Can't wait and I will post birthday pics when I can.