Tennison Times

Scott, Mindy, Hayden and Jack want to welcome you to our family blog.

Friday, July 29, 2011

A regular night

in the life of the Tennison kids...

wrestling on Mommy and Daddy's bed...

loves and hugs...

pushing each other around...

and we're done :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What a mess!!!

I think I really have a little mess on my hands with my sweet boy. He has started to really be "verbal" and say some funny but not really funny things. He has always talked very well so that has always been funny to hear him talk being so little. On a side note...I thought your second child usually didn't talk as much as your first. Hayden never shuts her mouth and Bubba is right up there with her. Needless to say our house is non stop talking. Anyway, he is starting his terrible 2's I guess. He tells me to "hush" whenever I tell him "no". I know he hears me saying it to both of them probably, which I shouldn't, and he's just repeating. I want to laugh but I know he won't learn if he thinks he's being funny. Another thing he has picked up from Titter, sister, is to tell me "I not". If I tell him no or to stop doing something he's not supposed to do he tells me "I not" with a little defiance in his voice and a crinkled nose. I know we shouldn't laugh but it is so funny coming out of this little man. He is talking so well too and I can pretty much understand everything he says. His vocabulary is huge, I can't even count how many words he says because it seems like he can say pretty much anything. I really love that he is to the age that I can interact with him like a little boy instead of a baby but I am really missing having a "baby" in the house. Time really does fly and I can't wait for this next chapter with our "big" kids.

Friday, July 15, 2011

All boy

The afternoon we got back from San Antonio, we picked up Jack from Nana and Papa's and then headed home. We couldn't wait to get home even though Scott had some work to do around the house before U Verse was installed the following day. My "telephone man" of a husband had to get outside and get all the wiring and whatever all where he wanted them before the phone company came the next day to install. He has to have it all worked out ahead of time so they won't mess it up. He's that guy that gets it all ready so AT&T won't have much to do when they come out. My other little "telephone man" had to get right there in the middle of it all and help Daddy.

We sure missed this little boy while we were gone.

Do I spy a 4th generation AT&T man in the family????

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More pics

Me and the hubs at the reception

Hayden all dressed and ready to go. This was her outfit for the wedding, so stinkin cute.

Getting ready...

The "Cook's" girls.

Wedding pics...some

I always get the pictures out of order but whatever. This was part of Hay's gifts from Monica. Cute little bag and swimsuit cover with her monogram.

This picture of Hayden and Wyatt cracks me up. Wyatt was a dancing fool and I'm sure they were sharing some moves.

My beauty before we left for rehearsal.

When we checked into the hotel, she was a hot mess at this point.

Her hair accessory for the wedding, again thanks Monica!!!

San Antonio

Last weekend we headed to San Antonio for one of my bestie's weddings. Monica got married just outside of S.A. at the cutest little ranch called the Swanderosa. I was a bridesmaid and Hayden Kate was a flower girl. We headed down on Friday and made it just in time to get ready for rehearsal and head out. These are some pics of the front of the hotel. We stayed at the Hilton San Antonio Hill Country Resort and Spa and it was fabulous. It's right by Sea World and so kid friendly. Scott and I decided that next summer we are taking a family trip there and taking both kids. We left Jack at home with Nana this time since it was going to be crazy busy and fast paced weekend.

A shot of Mommy and Daddy on the road.

Hayden Kate posing as always.

The hotel was so cute! It had everything Sea World themed.