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Friday, February 17, 2012

New journey...

Well, apparently I've gone crazy and am trying to torture myself. Not only am I a busy mommy of two little ones, trying to squeeze in some extra days at work and maintaining my house and errands etc... I am channeling my inner teen. I have gotten braces again!!! I had them for 5 years as a kid, from age 12-17 so why on earth would I want them again. I had some crowding on the bottom from obviously not wearing my retainers and I have a cross bite. Cross bite meaning I will get to wear rubber bands again too, yay. I will only have to wear them for 15- 18 months if I do what I am supposed to do and wear my rubber bands like I am supposed to. I am going to be the best patient ever so I can get theses darn things off. I've only had them a week but I don't remember them being this bad as a kid. Oh well. A plus is that my orthodontist is also my brother in law which makes it a little less painful. He can see us on off hours if I am having a problem or something is bothering me. Here are a couple of lovely pics to document this special occasion.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

5 generations...

We had my great grandmother's 97th birthday party a couple of weeks ago and got a 5 generation picture with her great great grand kids.