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Scott, Mindy, Hayden and Jack want to welcome you to our family blog.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hot! Hot! Hot!

This was a cute basket I made for Abby's birthday. It had flip flops in it, a beach towel, sunglasses and a cute visor.
The Birthday girl!
Hayden and Brayden patiently waiting to sing Happy Birthday
My hot sweaty girl

Oh my gosh, it was hot this weekend. Saturday afternoon we went to a birthday party for our cousin Abby who turned 2. It was at a park in Waxahachie and it was hotter than hot. As soon as we got out of the car we were drenched. Hayden was soaking wet and her hair looked like she had taken a shower or been swimming. She still looked cute though. Kudos for my Aunt Darla for braving the park and putting on a great party regardless. We didn't get to stay too long with hot baby girl and sweaty prego lady. As soon as we got home Hayden, Daddy and I got in the pool and swam for a couple of hours. It was so nice so we decided to spend Sunday out by the pool too. Hayden is loving her big pool and getting more and more comfortable. We have a busy week and weekend planned with hopefully many pics. I work Wednesday and then Thursday we are heading down to White Bluff for the 4th. Should be lots of fun with lots to do. Hope everyone has a good week and a Happy 4th!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Date Night!

Tonight Scott and I get a date night. I am so excited! I worked the last two days, never will I do two in a row I am exhausted, so we are going to treat ourselves tonight. My parents wanted to keep Hayden one night this weekend and I gladly accepted their offer. I don't know what we are going to do but being able to actually sit and have a conversation without interruptions is great. I don't care if we just stay in, cook dinner and rent a movie, but Scott said we could go out. We'll see, I am just looking forward to some quality time with my honey. Hope everyone had a good week and has a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some swimming pics!

Here is Hayden in her cute bikini. I don't know why it is so fuzzy. She loves to run around the yard in her bathing suit rather than actually swim in the pool.

A little snack while lounging in her chair. The good thing is mommy gets to get some sun too while Hayden is playing around. We are really enjoying being outside in the yard.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bad Blogger!

I have been an awful blogger lately. We have been so busy around here. I am picking up extra at work and trying to work 2 days a week until the baby is born or until I physically can't do it anymore. This time since I am PRN I won't get paid while I'm on maternity leave so we want to save as much as possible. It really sucks, but I wouldn't trade the opportunity to be a stay at home mom, sort of, for anything. The pregnancy is going great, everything is right on schedule and Jack is getting bigger and bigger everyday. Mommy can really tell and I will post pics as soon as I have a half way decent one to post. Hayden has been busier than ever and she is already starting to go through the terrible two's thing. She is still for the most part our sweet and funny girl but oh my gosh she has her moments. When she has a melt down it is a melt down and there is no pacifying or fixing it. She is so much fun though. She is talking non stop and so smart. We have been to Whitney several weekends, a wedding here and there and trying to enjoy our backyard and pool in between there. The rest of the summer and months until Jack comes are going to be crazy. My brothers wedding is about a week before my due date so we have showers and parties between then and now. I am giving my future sis in law a shower one weekend and we have to throw in showers for me and Hayden's 2nd birthday party. Wow! I am getting overwhelmed just thinking about it. Oh and we have to paint and get Jack's nursery ready. I know it will all work out and be fun and it will make the time go by really fast until he is here. I will post pics of what we have been up to as soon as I can get my pictures off my camera. Have a great week everyone!