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Scott, Mindy, Hayden and Jack want to welcome you to our family blog.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Yesterday I went over to my parents house for a little bit and took my handy dandy doppler. With Hayden I couldn't hear the heartbeat until 12 weeks but my mom said let's just try it. I laid down and my mom started moving the doppler around and what do ya know after just a few minutes there it was. Our little peanuts heartbeat. I had seen it on the sono but it is so fun to get to hear it. I was thrilled. Hayden was sitting beside me and made her "oh" face and said baby. So cute and exciting. I can't believe we are already 10 weeks. Just a few more and we'll be out of the first trimester.

Happy Birthday Scott!

My sweet hubby turned 30 yesterday! I can't believe he is 30. We have been together since he was 20 years old and I was 18. I can't believe how time flies. Scott requested no surprise party and I know how that feels so I didn't do it. We had the day planned for him on Saturday and it turned out yucky outside. All the guys were supposed to go to Canyon West for golf Saturday morning but it was too cold and windy. I felt so bad because he really wanted to golf. All of Scott's family came to our house for the day and we met my family at Taisho, a japanese hibachi place we love. I got him his favorite red velvet cake from Red Oven and we opened gifts. It was really a good time and we hardly ever get both families together. Yesterday, the 29th, was his official birthday and the 3 of us just hung around the house and veged out. I hope Scott had a good birthday and knows how much I love him and what a great daddy and husband he is. Hayden and I are so lucky to have him in our lives.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well, I haven't given much of pregnancy update but all is well. I finally went to the doctor this morning and the baby looks great. I am 9 weeks and counting. The baby looked good on the sono and the heartbeat was strong. We are very excited. It seems more real now that we have seen the dr. and I can't believe we are doing this again. It seems like we were just pregnant with Hayden. Anyway we are so thrilled and can't wait to meet this new addition.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

18 months

Hayden Kate turned 18 months yesterday. Oh my gosh, where has the time gone. I can't believe we have an 18 month old. We went to the pedi for her well baby visit and everything was good. She is still a tiny peanut which concerns me a bit, but the nurse practitioner told me over and over again to not worry about it. She eats non stop but she is so active. She weighed in at a whopping 19.1 lbs and she was 31.5 inches. She is in the 50% for her height but less than the 5% for her weight. She is technically not even on the chart. She didn't have much chance starting out at 5.1 lbs but my gosh. I am going to take her in in another month for a weight check to make sure she isn't losing. It's more for mom's piece of mind than anything. Other than that everything checked out good. She talks really well and developmentally is great. She had to get 2 shots and this is the first time she was totally freaked out by the nurse. I'm glad I work with neonates that don't see it coming because that was brutal. We had to go to McD's for a happy meal for her being such a good girl. She is my little sweet pea and we are so blessed to have her.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Play Date!

Noah looks like such a big boy
Hayden with the hugging

Last week Hayden and I went over to our friend Janet's house for a little play/ lunch date with Noah. Monica came with us too and we had so much fun. The big girls had lunch and chatted while the little ones played around. Hayden is 17 months and Noah is 9 months so it is funny to watch them interact. Hayden wants to smother him with hugs and kisses and he can't crawl away fast enough. I think it's a sign that he already thinks girls are gross. They were so cute!