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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas day

Jack got this little tykes sports center. He liked the bat better than anything. Maybe we have a baseball player on our hands????

I have lots more of the morning but it's basically just running around seeing everything they got. Hayden missed some of her stuff because she would get hung up on one toy. It was so much fun watching them.

Whenever someone asked her what she wanted Santa to bring her she would say a La La Loopsy doll. Santa did in fact bring her one and she was so in love with her doll.

Bubba got a Harley from Uncle Casey and Aunt Liz. I think daddy was jealous ;)

The kids both got ponies from Nana and Papa. They are so cute they make noises and galloping sounds when you ride them.

Christmas pics

My little dude, getting into something. This was on our Christmas Eve down at White Bluff.

Hayden got a Vtech Mobi-go thing. She loves it!

Bubs got a radio flyer hoarse. Bubbles and Pa put it in the garage and the boys got to go get their gifts after we all finished opening ours.

I think Daddy liked the hoarse too. My husband is so goofy :)
Carter got this jeep just like Pa's and he let Hayden take it for a ride. All the kids loved it!

These are random Christmas pics. We had such a fun time this year. I didn't have to work either days so we were able to go down to White Bluff for Christmas eve and then my parents Christmas day. We were able to be at home Christmas morning so Santa could come. It was so fun! Hayden was really into it this year. I know next year will be even better because she will be 4 and Bubba will be 2. They are such a blessing, we love them so much and are so blessed to be their parents. Enjoy!!!!

Camera dilemma...

OK, so I am really needing a new camera. We, or should I say I, lost the memory card to our last one over a year ago and have never bought a new one. Luckily I had all our pics downloaded on our computer so we didn't lose any. I just haven't brought myself to buy a new one. I've just borrowed my mom's camera when I need one because she is usually with us for all important events and she is the one taking pics anyway. For Christmas I really wanted a new one and we got money from Scott's parents for one, but I put the money toward other things. Ughhhh!!!! Now here we are yet again with no camera and not really wanting to put money on one. I am wanting the Cannon rebel or Nikon so those aren't cheap of course. I'm not gonna settle for just any old camera. The kids are getting bigger and into things and we need a really good one for our busy life. Anyway, enough ranting about all that. I will eventually suck it up and buy one but for now we are on pic hiatus unless I use my mom's, boo.