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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holiday Magic 2011

I'm kind of sad, these pictures are a little blurry. I don't think I had it set right on the camera for indoor use. Anyway, these are from Holiday Magic. Hayden's dance studio performed there and this was her second year to participate. Her class did so good. It was neat to see how much she progressed from last year at this time.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Terrible Two's

Warning...this post is going to be more ranting than anything else. I am at my wits end with my son. I am one of those people that really don't believe in "terrible two's". I think every child goes through a spirited period where they are a little more challenging and test you. Hayden never really went through this at 2. I really enjoyed her at that age. Two and half weeks after her 2nd birthday we had Jack so you would think she had every reason to test us and act out, but really she was wonderful. Hayden tested us more at 3 than 2, and even then it wasn't anything horrible. Honestly, she has been a pretty good kid so far. Other than her fiesty attitude at times she is really pretty good. She is very outgoing and a little dramatic at times but I really think that is partly just being a girl and she is a little mini me. Anyway, my sweet sweet boy, I say that with sarcasm, is testing us beyond measure. I can't turn my back and Jack is getting into something or tearing something up. He isn't doing any of it out of meanness or anger, he is just super super busy. He just turned two and if there is such a thing he is going through his "terrible" period. He climbs up on things and gets into stuff he shouldn't and I am afraid he is going to hurt himself. I just found him up on the kitchen counter getting into his Halloween bag. We have tile floor in the kitchen and I am scared he's going to fall and bust his head open. I discipline him, I've tried everything, and he seems to be upset but then turn around 10 minutes later and he's doing the same thing he just got in trouble for. Wow!!! I'm hoping this is partly just being a boy and that this is normal but my goodness he keeps us on our toes. The funny thing is, he is so much better for Scott. He doesn't give him a hard time near as much as me. If Scott asks him to do something he will usually do it without whining and fighting. Me, he gives me grief always. AHHHHHH, this too shall pass ;) Thanks for listening to my rant.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or Treat

My little witch and the cutest pirate ever

Hayden Kate

Jackson Daniel

He was sharing his sucker with Nana.

Happy Halloween, 2011!!!!

Fall festivities

Carving the pumpkin with Daddy

Hayden the morning of her Pumpkin Party at school. They all take a small pumpkin and have a pumpkin hunt and then decorate the pumpkin that they find.

She is getting so big :) Love her

Hayden just sits back and watches this process. She is such a girl and gets grossed out by the slimy seeds.


We didn't really do a "pumpkin patch" this year. We took the kids up to Green's one evening and let them pick out their pumpkins. Hayden needed one for her pumpkin day at MDO so we let them run around and do the hay maze. It was really fun. We go to Green's often all throughout the year for produce and plants but it is extra cute during the fall.

My little pumpkins :)

Starting the hay maze. They probably ran through it 10 times.

Family pic, not so great but best you can get with a two year old that was fighting to get down.

The Fair

This year was extra fun at the fair. We haven't actually been in a few years and the kids haven't gone at all. We felt like they were both at good ages to go and they did really well. They had a blast in the children's barnyard seeing all the animals.

Checking out the little goats.

Hayden's favorite was the bunny rabbits.

Waiting patiently for the dog show.

Hayden rode a few rides. I think she liked it ;)

Enough said...I think we started eating by 10 and the first thing we had was a corn dog.

With Uncle Casey at the museum.

Big Tex

This was one of the crazy food ideas. Deep fried frozen margarita. Not so tasty :(