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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Hayden got flowers and a balloon from her Daddy for V-day. Awww, what did mommy get?

My two loves :)

When I tried to get a pic of sis before school, Bubba kept saying "cheese". Guess he wanted his picture taken too, hee hee.

My big girl! She posed before leaving for school. She had her annual MDO daddy lunch. Scott took off work and went up to have lunch at school with her. I got to spend some time with my other man, my little man.

Snow Day 2011

The kids loved the snow days we had this year. Jack was old enough to get out there and play and have a good time just like his big sis.

My big boy running around. I couldn't get him to come to me because I think he was afraid we were going to go in.

My beautiful little snow bunny

They were waiting so patiently for mommy to hurry up and stop taking pics and just go outside already.